Well-Women Circle

Well-Women Circle

Holding woman space

A women’s circle is a safe space for women to come together to share and support one another. It is a space where you can completely be your self in a space that is safe and confidential. We put the outside world on pause and use the time to connect with ourselves. As women we ebb and flow in a cyclical nature, holding our own seasons- an extension of the Nature and Universe that we are a part of. Circle has us tap into our creativity at the peak of our cycle and be reminded of our need to rest and renew at the right times. We hand ourselves over to the flow of the circle, with no agenda, trusting that we need the most in that moment is what we will receive. In such a space we receive healing. There can be story-telling, movement medicines, sound healing, nature-immersions, meditations, journalling and other such activities.

To see dates of our Well-Women Circles go to the Events page.

Women-Circle in London with Sana Holistic


How often do you hold Well-Women Circle?

Well-Women Circle is held every Sunday of the month at the Amina Malik Gallery.

How long is a circle?

Each circle lasts 2 hours.

What if there are activities I feel uncomfortable in doing?

No problem! It is a safe space. You can partake in the activities that you feel aligned with and simply sit and observe other activities that you wish to sit out from.

Do we do the same activities each month?

Not necessarily. Each circle will vary and the activities we do will be inspired in the moment through intuition of what the group needs.

What should I bring with me?

Something comfy to lie on such as a yoga mat, a warm blanket and a pillow. You may also wish to bring along your own snacks and drinks although there will be communal snacks/drinks made available for all.

Can I offer an activity in our circle?

Certainly! Contact me and let me know and I will plan it into our event.

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