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Although we cannot hear it, experience it, and may even find it hard to understand, the world around us lives in its own vibration. This world of vibrations also includes ourselves.

Our cells, glands, organs and systems produce their own resonant frequencies and if these frequencies are disturbed, can lead us to an array of health issues. These can include stress, anxiety and depression which can cause low moods, negative thinking, decreased energies and can, in turn, expose us to a host of more serious illnesses.

Sound therapy represents a practice which utilizes the combination of therapeutic sound and vibrations to positively affect the physiology and psychology of one’s mind and body. This positive effect can bring any disharmonious areas back into their natural harmony and will begin to restore your health.

Throughout your sound therapy sessions, you will observe the use of tonal instruments like crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, Himalayan bowls and drums, combined with breathing exercises, guided visualizations and vocal toning. Instruments are played on and off the body to provide a soothing and sonic massage.

Sound therapy is recognized to alter patients’ brainwaves which induces great relaxation throughout the body, while on an emotional and mental level, the vibrations of sound applied are able to disperse stagnation, blocks, or negative energy patterns and replenish the area with new patterns.

Group Soundbaths

The Yoga Mela, South Norwood.

Sundays, 5pm-6.30pm. Found under ‘workshops’. Book here

The Little Escape Studio, Crystal Palace.

Roughly, around one Saturday a month, 5.30pm. On the booking page you’ll find these under ‘workshops’. Book your place here

Want to become a certified Sound healer? Visit my ‘Become a Sound healer’ page for details of upcoming courses.


How many treatments will I need?

You may choose to come for only one session here and there for relaxation purposes but if you are coming seeking help with a particular issue, a course of 4 treatments with each treatment 1-2 weeks apart is recommended.

Can you diagnose my health problems?

Sound Healers cannot claim to diagnose or cure, but during a treatment we get ‘feedback’ as to which parts of the body/mind/spirit are working well and which are not. Sometimes the sounds will highlight a specific area which is struggling or working hard to maintain your wellbeing; if a particular area shows this kind of reaction I’ll discuss it with you either during or at the end of the session.

What happens in a treatment? 

After a short consultation, I will take an assessment of your energy field. This will guide me as to to which areas of your body, mind, spirit to work on with the sounds. I will use the sounds to balance any energy depletions or energy excesses. Both depletions and excesses cause illnesses within their own rights. You will lie on the massage table fully clothed as I play sounds around you. I will also apply instruments directly on your body, with your permission, to give you a massage from the strong wave sensations that emanate from the instrument. I will also use guided meditation and spoken prompts during the session to help you to go deeper with your healing journey.

Are the sounds comfortable?

The sounds are used strategically. When working to disperse old and stuck energy patterns, certain sounds may be used that one might find slightly unpleasant. However, this makes up only a small portion of the session.

Most of the session focuses on using harmonious and beautiful sounds to realign the soul with the body and to reharmonise every part of you. It is deeply relaxing.


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