Reiki means the energy of everything, and is a system for self-awakening and healing developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist man in the 1920s. Reiki is famous for its healing benefits.

Rei translates to spiritual, or divine power and Ki means the unseen energy that animates the physical world. Through Reiki we come to know our true essence, our inner bright light. Reiki works to unite all the parts of ourselves that have become separated or that we have rejected over the years.

Once we come away from the external barriers and shackles that we have put in place, we touch upon our inner essence, our inner light. When we touch this we feel peace, rest and our healing begins.

Reiki is a meditation practice in which we realise the natural energy that moves through the whole universe, including us. As we connect into this energy, we become still enough to feel connection with ourselves, with the universe and realise that we are a part of the larger network of energies that surround us and that we are one with it all. In this newly awakened space deep healing and transformation occur.

During a reiki session hands, with your permission, are applied on or off the body and held in various areas on the front and back of the torso. Reiki is a very gentle treatment and the touch used to heal is light and non-invasive. You may feel energy flow through your body, charging depleted areas and dissolving areas of built-up energy. The energy flows to the part of the body/mind which needs healing the most. Once you are done, as reported by others, you should feel an immediate sense of relief and deep relaxation.


How many treatments will I need?

 It is best to receive three to five Reiki treatments one to two weeks apart. Once you see yourself improving you can space out treatments to one month or six weeks apart.

Can you diagnose my health problems?

Reiki therapists cannot claim to diagnose or cure, but during a treatment we get ‘feedback’ as to which parts of the body are working well and which are not. Sometimes Reiki will highlight a specific area which seems out of balance; this will be discussed with you at the end of the session.

What happens in a treatment? Do I need to undress?

During a Reiki treatment you are fully clothed while I, place my hands over different areas of your body acting to facilitate the movement of Reiki energy

What can I expect from a Reiki treatment?

You may experience pleasant physical sensations such as tingling and warmth or pleasant mental and emotional images, moments of clarity, moments of inspiration, a feeling of coming away from the physical body. These vary from person to person because everyone experiences Reiki differently and no two Reiki treatments are ever the same.

What sort of ailments can Reiki be used for?

Anything! Some common ailments people seek our Reiki for include:


-Low mood

-Physical pain

-Autoimmune conditions

-Fertility challenges

-Menstrual health

-Life direction


-PMT/Menopause symptoms


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