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Qi gong Classes

Qi gong classes

Sana is an accredited teacher by White Tiger Qigong. Qigong is a meditative movement practice that

brings together the body, breath, and spirit. The forms are easy-to-learn ancient Qigong exercises designed to improve mobility, increase strength, and flexibility, get rid of body pain, balance emotions, and boost immunity. It is

great for injury and illness prevention, as well as for rehabilitation.

The forms Sana teaches will include:

The smooth flowing 8 Trigram form

This form gently and rhythmically massages the internal organs, through smooth, flowing movements. It focuses on the core of the body, bowing the spine in every way possible. We use the legs to create a strong root into

earth, while mobilising the spine and the core, while simultaneously wringing out the meridians of the arms to open up the body’s energy (Qi) pathways. This

is a dynamic style of Qigong, full of movement and flow state.

5 Element

Each organ system has an associated emotional component; joy/desire with the heart; anger/forgiveness with the liver; worry/nurture with the spleen; fear/courage with the kidneys; sadness/happiness with the lungs.

5 Element Qigong uses coordinated body posture, movement, breathing, and meditation to transform toxic emotions and bring the organ systems into balance.

5 Animal

Again, this works with the organ systems to balance remove excess and restore health. It can help you achieve peak performance through powerful movements that not only strengthen and loosen up the body but bring elasticity, flexibility, suppleness and more. 5 animal is a very high movement, dynamic form.

Classes are held at The Little Escape Studio, Crystal Palace, London, SE19 3RW every Thursday, 6.30 pm. Class booking to be made in advance of the day of the class. Block booking discounts are available.

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