Physical relaxation and calm.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is the most thorough massage there is, combining acupressure, palming, and a number of stretching techniques. It is a strong and firm massage. The energy meridian lines are worked to release any energy blockages that are creating illness and disease. Often dubbed “the lazy man’s yoga”, the therapist will pull the client into various yoga poses after the body is relaxed and opened out through the initial massage.

Choose from a traditional massage (clothes on, no oil) given on tabletop, where the emphasis is on the stretches or opt for a Thai Combo which merges a fully body oil massage with fundamental applied stretches.

Swedish Massage

This is the classic massage. A relaxing massage that involves oil being applied to the body and moved in soft long strokes and large circular motions. Where the muscles are thicker, the pressure can be increased.


Don’t be afraid to ask

Whether you want firmer or lighter pressure, you are too hot or too cold, you are uncomfortable in the way you are lying, you do not like a particular technique, or you need to go to the loo half way through your massage… the treatment is all about you, and my number one priority is your comfort and getting the absolute perfect treatment for you. So, do feel comfortable and welcome to communicate your needs, and do not feel you are being rude by doing so.

How do I prepare for the Thai body massage?

Avoid eating 30-60 minutes before the massage and ensure you wear freshly laundered, loose-fitted, comfortable clothing that allows your body to be stretched into different yoga poses. It is nice if you have time to have a shower beforehand too.

Is it suitable for senior people?

Absolutely, it’s very good for joint and muscle pains.

Who should avoid Thai massage?

Some Cancer patients – please consult your doctor.

Those with fever or contagious infections.

Those with broken bones, swollen areas, or recent area of injury.

Consult your doctor is you have high blood pressure, heart disease, loose joints, coronary disease, diabetes, lymphatic obstruction, osteoporosis, or neurological diseases.


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