Our first Women’s Circle in South Norwood!
I’m so pleased to say that I held my first women’s circle! And, boy was it good! I have felt such a strong calling to hold a circle for women for some time now. I never knew the exact “hows” or “whats” or all the logistics of running such a circle but then I was […]
Human Energy Fields
The body has subtle energy fields that are commonly divided into five energy fields associated with the body-mind. The outline of the first energy field sits 2-4cm from the surface of our body, it is called the Bioenergy field…   The Bioenergy field When our cells divide they emit Ultraviolet photons (packets of light) which […]
Women’s healing circle, London
During the lockdown I had to think about how I would still be able to share my work with clients online. Whilst the reflexology had to be put to one side temporarily, I was still able to deliver sound healing- online! I invested in some audio equipment and began hosting live events on Zoom. Normally […]
The Benefits of Reflexology
Reflexology offers deep relaxation and healing. It kick-starts the body’s own healing processes, increases both the lymphatic flow (immune system) and the blood circulation (oxygenating the tissues, removing waste products and helps to loosen the body fascia which then allows each organ to operate in optimum conditions. Reflexology boosts the immune system and opens up the energy […]
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