Our first Women’s Circle in South Norwood!

I’m so pleased to say that I held my first women’s circle! And, boy was it good!

I have felt such a strong calling to hold a circle for women for some time now. I never knew the exact “hows” or “whats” or all the logistics of running such a circle but then I was listening to a podcast several weeks ago and the lady speaking said, ” If you are feeling drawn towards doing something, an instinct that keeps returning to you, then just do it. You might think that you cannot do it because you don’t yet have the ‘know-how’ or all the required have tools and knowledge, but the fact that you feel this calling is enough to tell you that it is within you and you are meant to do it. It is something you are going to grow into.  So just go ahead and do it, and the rest (the knowledge, the tools) will follow and you will simply get better at doing what you’re doing.” That was my a-ha! moment. It was the last push I needed to set a date, and simply put an invitation out there and simply trust that it will all work out and that even though I’ve never done such work before, it must be within me, naturally, organically for me to be constantly feeling a pull and strong desire to wanting to do it. So my first circle was scheduled for July 2021.

I was so struck by how lovely the ladies were, each came being their authentic selves but the energy they came with really hit me. Such positive vibes! I honestly thought that as the facilitator,  I would have to ‘carry’ the vibes of the circle, set the feel, but no. The women themselves lifted the vibration of the circle so much, through their positivity, our laughing together and our just being open to anything that might come up! It felt so lovely to simply sit with other women, all of us seeking connection, seeking to share and listen to each other’s stories, thoughts, and experiences. One sister shared a beautiful reading with us that she had written about self-love and compassion, accepting all the parts of us, being kind to the child that is within us. I found the words to be immensely powerful and I definitely felt a shift within my own emotions when listening to the words, so poignant, so true. A timely reminder about self-acceptance and that we are all already whole- we just need to shed all the barriers and distractions and come back to our inner essence.  We used qigong to explore and reconnect our mind-body-soul connections, using the movements to meditate on the movement of our Qi (Life-force energy). We shared stories, over hot drinks and nature’s candy before delving into some meditation. This was followed by some sound healing. The ladies were treated to sonic massages on the heart chakra and the sacrum (lower back). We ended our time with some guided group chanting. That was so powerful! Halfway into the chanting, I felt my physical body dissolve away and I was just there, being not quite sure where ‘there’ was, not quite sure who “I” is. It was the part of me without physical form. When we finished chanting we sat in silence, soaking up the high vibrations around us. We could really feel it!

What was so beautiful is that nothing in this circle had been planned. We trusted our hearts and intuition to open us up to what might be needed in that moment and simply went with the flow, and through that, the above is what we were led to. After our first circle I feel even more inspired and even more excited because I know that in this first time together, we are only touching the tip of the iceberg! It really excites me to know, in my gut, that there is so much more for us to delve into, explore and share. I truly, truly look forward to it!

Our circle is open to all women. We meet once a month in South London. See my events page for precise details.

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