Women’s healing circle, London

During the lockdown I had to think about how I would still be able to share my work with clients online. Whilst the reflexology had to be put to one side temporarily, I was still able to deliver sound healing- online! I invested in some audio equipment and began hosting live events on Zoom. Normally advertising on my Instagram page @sanaholistictherapy I would generate interest from women all over for monthly soundbaths. Now that lockdown has lifted, I will now be taking my work to local yoga studios and general studios to offer soundhealing in-person. I think I will keep the online soundbaths continuing as they have a place and value too.

With the success of the online soundbaths, I have been fortunate enough to be able to experiment and play with different arrangements, incorporating different healing arts into the sessions and collecting plenty of feedback from participants. I have created some interesting workshops due to this experimentation and it is increasingly pulling me more and more towards the thought of running women’s healing circle.

I want to hold at least monthly circles for women to come together in a sacred healing space where we explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of womanhood through discussion, poetry, story-telling, song, expressive dance, and other healing arts. I want to empower women to become more embodied by leading them in energy practices such as yoga, movement, qigong, tai-chi, and breathwork and through this embodiment and through connection with our spirit and mind (through meditation, song, and sound healing), I want women to feel a deep re-connection with their true selves, their true inner light and to begin to break down the barriers and defences we have built over the years and let our light shine through! Through connection with ourselves,  and with others, and to our Earth we experience a deeper communion with our Soul.

If you would like to express your interest in joining my women’s healing circle or would like to find out more then drop me a line or contact me through my Instagram @sanaholistictherapy.  I would love to bring this movement into South London and for as many women to be part of it.

With light and love,




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