Human Energy Fields

The body has subtle energy fields that are commonly divided into five energy fields associated with the body-mind. The outline of the first energy field sits 2-4cm from the surface of our body, it is called the Bioenergy field…


The Bioenergy field

When our cells divide they emit Ultraviolet photons (packets of light) which excite different materials * that are found in the body as a result of natural life processes. When these materials are excited they create a cloud of ionised particles that form a bioenergy field around us- what is known by clairvoyants as the ‘aura’. The state of this field reflects our physical health. When we are well, this field is stronger and fills more space. When we are unwell, this field retracts.

*The materials include:

Carbon dioxide

Salt Crystals

Water molecules


Other substances

The Etheric Field

Sitting around the bioenergy fields is the etheric field. This field contains the energetic template of our body. It guides the spatial organisation and development of everything within our bodies, telling each organ where to position itself when developing in the foetus, instructing each cell on how to regenerate and where to regenerate. Is provides the constant to every life cycle that occurs within us.

The Emotional Field

Sitting around the etheric field is the emotional field. Feelings, emotions, and intentions affect this field and influence the physical body. We know that thoughts give rise to feelings and also feelings often give rise to thoughts, the two are inextricable. Stifled emotions can become trapped and detected as stuck energy patterns. These tend to manifest themselves in certain areas of the body as niggles, pains, discomforts.

The Mental field

Neurophyscists are now of the opinion, after much research, that the brain works as a hologram. Each brain cell, while capable of performing its own specialised function is also able to access a picture, or blueprint of the whole brain. Information and memory is not found in any one particular part of the brain or nervous system and it is now thought that information and memories sit outside of the brain and body. The brain acts as an antenna where it can tap into and download the information that it needs from this field.

The brain, kidneys, intestines and blood cells, produce neuropeptides which are messengers which join practically every part of our body and mind. Our thoughts and feelings stimulate our immune system cells as a result of this and so our thoughts and feelings often result in the generation of physiological reactions.

Not all communication and understanding happens at the mental level. There other levels of awareness that we call intuition and spiritual.

Spiritual energy field

This layer transcends rational thought and intellect, It is the level of Divine Inspiration, a connection to everything spiritual.


All the layers of energy fields described do not sit as separate entities, rather, they intermingle and interpenetrate one another, bridging the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers to make us the wonderful and intricate beings that we are!

Any energy healing work you receive will impact these subtle energy fields to bring about healing and positive changes.

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