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Hi, I’m Sana; a wellness teacher and therapist.

I am an associate teacher with the Sound Healing Academy training students to become Sound Healing Practitioners. I hold these workshops at different venues across London.

I am an accredited Meditation and Qigong teacher too, running classes in Crystal Palace, London.

When not teaching, I work as a Holistic Therapist offering services in Thai Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, and Sound healing. My Holistic Services are delivered across two sites; Haven Wellness in Crystal Palace, and Target Health in South Norwood. You can choose your location when booking using my booking link.

Before stepping into the world of complementary therapies, I worked as a college teacher of science for nearly 15 years.

Below is a general outline of each treatment but for further information, you can visit the individual service pages.

Please note: all 1-1 services are exclusively for women and group sessions are mixed.


Sound Healer Training Courses in South London

Please see the ‘Become a certified Sound Healer’ page for more information.

Sound Healing, 1-1 sessions

We start with an energy assessment of your biofield. This informs me of the areas requiring nourishment or release based on where your body is displaying energy excesses or depletions. I use instruments such as drums, crystal bowls, chimes, voice, etc) to create therapeutic sounds and frequencies that are designed to soothe the nervous system and facilitate the body’s healing response.

The energetic biofield is the blueprint or energy template that instructs your physical body on how to regenerate, heal, organise itself, and carry out its various cellular functions. By balancing the bioenergy field we create balance in the physical body, mental body, and emotional body.

Group Sound Meditation (Soundbaths)

Visit here to book your spot at a sound bath.


-Reflexology for conception/maternity

-General Health Reflexology

-Hot Stone Reflexology

Thai Yoga Massage

This ancient massage style originated in India and over time made its way to Thailand. This treatment works on the energy lines in the body and on the premise that if any of these lines are blocked or sluggish, illnesses will occur. In clearing and restoring the energy flow we restore good health.

During your massage, techniques such as kneading, and compression are applied to stimulate the acupressure points and energy meridians of the body. There is also the gentle application of yoga poses to release tension from the whole body. Each applied stretch is introduced gently and repeated 2-3 times, allowing the stretch to go a little deeper each time. This massage is great for relieving muscle tension, stress, sciatica, stiffness, lethargy, and many, many more ailments. For this massage, you do remain fully clothed and will be lying on a comfortable futon on the floor.


Reiki is great for those who prefer a very gentle and subtle style of treatment, or for those simply seeking the warmth of human touch and to be held in a space of quiet healing to experience positive emotional and mental shifts within. In this treatment, you will lie fully clothed on a massage table and receive hands-on energy “channeling” to rebalance and harmonise the body and mind.

Classes and workshops

Visit my Qigong and Meditation pages for more information, or book right here

Visit my Sound Healing page to book your place at a local Sound Bath Meditation.

Take a look at the pages below for more information on each treatment.

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